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How brave are you? We are a high-tech company providing machine tools and laser technology, and are looking for people who can face new challenges with a fresh mind. As an independent family company, we offer you the freedom and trust to put your brave ideas into practice. With you on board, we would like to power ahead with the digital networking of the manufacturing industry. Our passion and creative drive ensure that we are an innovative force – across the globe at over 70 TRUMPF locations.

Your role

Software Sales Engineer is in charge of the technical offer from initial and after-sales for software solutions incl. FAB, Boost, Apps, business negotiation and finishing of commercial part.TRUMPF software solution is the core compoment of the package smart manufacturing solutions which could fulfill the requirement of Industry 4.0 manufacturing.软件销售工程师负责售前与售后软件产品的技术方案工作,商务谈判和商务签约。智能制造软件是通快公司智能制造方案的核心组成部分,同时可以满足客户实现工业4.0升级改造的需求。
1.Visiting customers to find out pain points through technical consulting and analysing accordingly both from technical and commercial perspective. 拜访客户通过技术咨询挖掘客户的痛点并从技术和商务的角度进行对应分析 
2.Compile and record the customer’s requirements (for example in the specifications) 整理和记录客户需求
3.Collecting real demands from customers and coordinate internally with software PM, order processing, application and software support team of HQ to offer completed and convinced solutions.收集客户真实的需求并内部协调软件产品经理,订单处理部门,应用部门和总部的软件支持团队提供完整和有说服力的解决方案
4.Participating and supporting iterative development of possible solutions with customers. 参与和支持客户共同开发解决方案
5.Providing technical support with TRUCONNECT for machine sales in all software projects in the sales phase. 在销售阶段与大项目组一起为机床销售提供软件的技术支持
6.Tracking leads of software and giving status feedback to leads management regularly. 跟踪销售线索并定期给与状态反馈 
7.Collecting product information of competitors and reporting back to HQ. 收集竞争对手的产品信息并反馈给总部
8.Monitoring market activities of competitors and reporting. 关注及反馈市场活动
9.Assisting software PM with HQ for sustainable improvement of TRUMPF softwares.协助软件产品经理与总部进行通快软件的持续性改善  
10.Complete other tasks assigned from the direct supervisor per business requirement.

Your profile

1.Bachelor degree or above
2.Min 3-5 years of professional experience as sales or solution engineer of software solutions (ERP / MES, Programming) 
至少3-5年软件方案(ERP/MES,  Programming)的销售或方案工程师经验 
3.Project management experience and 4.0 industry knowledge is a strong plus
•  Deep understanding of programming, manufacturing processes and the possibilities to connect them 对编程,制造工艺以及智能制造有深入理解
•  Strong communication, negotiation and  Persuasiveness skills. 优秀的沟通, 谈判和说服的能力.
•  Good Microsoft skills (ppt/word/excel..) and present skills.良好的办公软件技能及演说能力. 
•  Good sales skill 优秀的销售技能
•  Stress resistant, flexible具备抗压能力和灵活性
•  Team-capable, communicative, customer-oriented优秀的团队能力,沟通力,以客户为导向
•  Willingness to travel 愿意出差
5.Chinese native speaker. 中文(普通话)作为母语.
6.Fluent English in daily working environmentin including listening, speaking, reading and writing. 英语可以流利运用在日常的工作环境下包含听说读写方面.
7.German is a plus.会德语者更佳
8.Strong sense of high integrity, reliability, responsibility and customer orientation.Ability to handle issue independently, open-minded and with a team spirit. 正直可靠, 具备高度的责任心和客户导向意识。具备独立应对问题的能力, 思维开放,富有团队合作意识.
9.Ability to continuously learn.Stress resistant, flexible, strong sense of self-motivatio具备持续学习的能力。抗压能力强,具有很强的自我驱动力。
10.Willingness to travel愿意出差
11. Observe the regulations of TCN including but not limited on the Employee’s Handbook and Code of Conduct of TRUMPF China.

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