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How brave are you? We are a high-tech company providing machine tools and laser technology, and are looking for people who can face new challenges with a fresh mind. As an independent family company, we offer you the freedom and trust to put your brave ideas into practice. With you on board, we would like to power ahead with the digital networking of the manufacturing industry. Our passion and creative drive ensure that we are an innovative force – across the globe at over 70 TRUMPF locations.

Your role

1.To be responsible for the whole sourcing process including successfully finishing market analysis, supplier pre-selection, conducting RFQ and developing and qualifying suppliers;负责整个采购流程的成功完成,这包括进行市场分析,供应商预选,询价,比价,议价,发展供应商,帮助供应商到达通快要求,使其成为通快合格供应商;
2.Ensure close cooperation with the TRUMPF subsidiaries’ purchasing personnel.  and material group (part) managers;确保与通快子公司各物料组的采购专员和物料组经理的密切合作;
3.Keep delivery performance of the existing suppliers  in  acceptable level;  保持现有的供应商交货在可接受的水平;
4.Organize supplier assessment  and support supplier audit; 组织供应商评估,协助履行供应商审核;
5.Implement supplier progress and development within a set timeline;在设定的时间表内,实现供应商的进步和发展计划;
6.Strong sense of cost saving and the concept of total cost; 
7.Implement the project plan and cost down based on expected Target within a set timeline;,
8.To be Purchasing contact person to relevant assembly line, be responsible for Purchasing issues from ECN and localization projects on related material group 
9.Support to complete  the other task  assigned from the Leader; 协助完成主管指派的其他任务。

Your profile

1.Bachelor degree or similar 本科学历毕业
2.Graduate industrial engineer or similar in an appropriate technical, have Mechatronics related professional background or have engaged in related electrical procurement or quality is preferentially 
3.3 years in relevant function  3年以上相关的工作经验;
4.Understand the mechanical drawing in specification and process , in Experience in a machine tool manufacture industry in the purchasing department Proficient in electrical or machining parts purchasing; 
能理解机械图纸和工艺要求,并在机器制造业的采购部门有一定的工作经验. 熟悉电气件/机加工件采购工作;
5.Excellent level of I.T. skills, especially in MS Excel, SAP and Power BI experience is plus 熟练运用IT办公软件,尤其擅长Excel的运用, 有SAP及power BI应用经验优先
6.Good level of Business English written and spoken
具备熟练的工作英语 :包括书面和口语的熟练运用 

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