Application Engineer Welding 新能源激光焊接应用工程师

How brave are you? We are a high-tech company providing machine tools and laser technology, and are looking for people who can face new challenges with a fresh mind. As an independent family company, we offer you the freedom and trust to put your brave ideas into practice. With you on board, we would like to power ahead with the digital networking of the manufacturing industry. Our passion and creative drive ensure that we are an innovative force – across the globe at over 70 TRUMPF locations.

Your role

1. As an welding application engineer you will be a part of our joining team at the TRUMPF Laser Application Center (LAC) in Taicang, based in Yibin Sichuang as a field engineer. 作为焊接应用工程师服务于太仓通快(中国)有限公司激光应用中心,常驻四川宜宾.
2. You will setup and demonstrate laser applications to our customers at the LAC, document and report your findings in English language reports.需要在LAC完成指定的测试任务,并提交相应英文报告.
3. You will deliver application support and training to our customers at the LAC as well as at the customer site, such as troubleshooting, welding process optimization, or relevant know-how training.需要在LAC或者客户现场提供应用培训或者应用支持,包含工艺问题分析,工艺优化,以及相关技术培训.
4. in copper and aluminum welding, but not only that. 主要提供与新能源汽车相关的应用支持,包含电驱,电池焊接。需要在铜铝材料上有丰富发焊接经验,但不仅限于此.
5. Master high/lower welding applications in battery field, as well as laser micro applications, including pole cutting, drilling, cell&module cleaning, but not only that. 熟练掌握高/低功率激光焊接,以及微加工(包括极耳切割,钻孔,电芯及模组清洗), 但不限于此.
6. Be able to do the simple fixture designing for the application testings at LAC, as well as the fixture designing concept understood for the customer project. 3D CAD/CAM such as SolidWorks should be matered.能够提供简易夹具设计方案,并且能够理解客户项目中的夹具设计。熟练掌握三维软件如SolidWorks.
7. Support to complete the other relevant task assigned from the direct supervisor .能够完成直属领导安排的相关工作.
8. On top of the analysis of welding results (microscope, metallurgy, mechanical tests), as well as the welding defect analysis.熟练掌握焊接结果分析,包含熔池金相分析以及焊接缺陷分析.

Your profile

  1. Education: College degree or higher,and experienced in E-mobitlity area大学及以上学历,在新能源汽车焊接领域经验丰富
  2. Major:Mechanical engineering or welding, material science, laser technology机械工程,焊接,材料科学相关专业
  3. Experience:Experience in the field of laser welding, better in E-mobility在新能源汽车焊接领域经验丰富
  4. Knowledge and skills:
        Lasers and laser systems (preferably TRUMPF) 激光及激光系统(优先通快设备)
        Optics (beam guidance, focusing, beam shaping,…) 光学系统(光束传输,光学聚焦,光束整形)
        Theoretical background and hands on experience for laser welding, arc welding and metallurgy 激光焊接或者弧焊的相关理论知识
        CAD/CAM software CAD/CAM 三维软件
        Microsoft Office Office软件
  5. Language: Good English skills英语口语及书面
  6. Other:Team player, independent worker, fast learner, hands on 具有团队精神,独立工作,快速学习,动手实践能力

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