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How brave are you? We are a high-tech company providing machine tools and laser technology, and are looking for people who can face new challenges with a fresh mind. As an independent family company, we offer you the freedom and trust to put your brave ideas into practice. With you on board, we would like to power ahead with the digital networking of the manufacturing industry. Our passion and creative drive ensure that we are an innovative force – across the globe at over 70 TRUMPF locations.

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The Technical Sales Engineer is fully responsible for technical documents preparation and technical clarification in Smart Manufacturing projects pre-sales phase, need to work closely with Field Sales to achieve the sales order, from receiving customer inquiry till contract signing.在智能制造项目的售前阶段,技术销售工程师是技术资料准备和技术澄清工作主要负责人。从收到客户询价到签订合同的过程中,与销售人员紧密合作争取订单。

  • Cultivate and develop smart manufacturing potentials together with Sales team. Promote Trumpf Smart Manufacturing Solution proactively, and develop sales potentials via customized concept. 与销售部门一同培育和开发市场中的智能制造机会。积极地向市场介绍通快的智能化解决方案,通过提供定制化的方案争取更多销售机会。
  • Evaluate customer demand, guide the cooperation of Product, Application, R&D teams, involving abroad team when necessart, and jointly develop tailor made solutions, incl. capacity analysis, production and logistics concept, system layout, software etc. 评估客户的具体需求,并组织内部的产品,应用,研发等部门(包括海外相关人员)共同开发定制解决方案,包括产能分析,生产和物流设计,系统布局,软件方案等。
  • Prepare technical presentations, technical offer, price documents, contract technical appendix etc. 准备技术交流文件,技术方案,报价文件,合同技术附件等资料。
  • Join the project meetings with customer, present solution, provide technical clarification. 参加客户的项目交流会议,介绍技术方案,进行技术澄清。
  • Manage the project sales controlling, incl. document and maintain project progress, regular sales report etc. 项目销售进度管控,包括记录和维护销售项目进度,定期销售报告等。
  • Summarize the project documents and transfer to Delivery Manager for implementation, after the contract is signed. 签订合同后,整理项目技术文件,移交给交付项目经理。
  • Provide company the updated market information such as market trends, potential customer business status/preference and competitors updates etc. for company’s long term business strategy reference. 向公司更新市场信息,如市场趋势、潜在客户的业务状态/偏好、竞争对手信息等,以供公司长期业务战略的参考
  • Give sales support to other Asian subsidiaries for customizing solution potentials. 针对亚洲其他分公司的定制化需求提供销售支持。
  • Complete other tasks assigned from the direct supervisor per business requirement.根据业务需要,完成直属经理安排的其它工作

Your profile

Master Degree or above, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, production engineering, or similar subjects 硕士及以上学历,机械、生产工程或其他相关专业

Min 3-5 years of experience as a system solution engineer in machinery industry or related . 至少3-5年在机械制造或相关行业担任系统方案工程师的经验.

Good technical understanding about production technology, management software and production management 对生产技术,管理软件,生产管理有良好的技术理解

Ability to understand complex problems, develop creative solutions and present in a well-organized and easy-to-understand way. 能够理解复杂问题,开发创造性的解决方案,并善于有条理且清晰的介绍方案

Strong communication, negotiation and persuation skills 出色的沟通,谈判和说服技巧

Chinese native speaker. 中文(普通话)作为母语.

Fluent English in daily working environmentin including listening, speaking, reading and writing. 英文流利,在日常的工作环境下(包含听说读写)

German, Korean, Japanese is a plus.会德语,韩语,日语者优先考虑

Strong sense of high integrity, reliability, responsibility and customer orientation 正直可靠, 具备高度的责任心和客户导向意识

Ability to handle issue independently, open-minded and with a team spirit.具备独立应对问题的能力, 思维开放,富有团队合作意识

Ability to continuously learn.具备持续学习的能力

Be adapted to frequent business travel with irregular base is a must能够适应必须的不规则的商务差旅

Strong anti-pressure ability and strong sense of self-motivation and goal-driven抗压能力强,具有强大的自我激励和目标驱动意识

Observe the regulations of TCN including but not limited on the Employee’s Handbook and Code of Conduct of TRUMPF China.


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