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How brave are you? We are a high-tech company providing machine tools and laser technology, and are looking for people who can face new challenges with a fresh mind. As an independent family company, we offer you the freedom and trust to put your brave ideas into practice. With you on board, we would like to power ahead with the digital networking of the manufacturing industry. Our passion and creative drive ensure that we are an innovative force – across the globe at over 70 TRUMPF locations.

Your role

Skilled application of TruArcWeld1000 and TruLaser Robot 5020 , fixture design and offline programming . gaining experience for real production and providing support for machine sales 熟练应用TruArcWeld1000和 TruLaser Robot 5020,工装设计和线外编程。获取经验,为实际生产和机床销售提供支持

  • Design welding fixture for TruArcWeld1000 and TruLaser Robot 5020  , offline programming 设计、制作TruArcWeld1000 and TruLaser Robot 5020焊接工装;线外编程;
  • providing support for machine sales为机床销售提供支持
  • Communicate with customer, understand information such as requirement, material source, assist sales department to quote. 与客户沟通,了解客户要求、材料来源等信息;协助销售部门报价;
  • Analysis drawings, Decomposition of drawings ,write advisable and economical processing. communicate with designer  for  cost down.分析图纸,对图纸进行分解,制定合理、经济的工艺路线,与设计人员之间沟通,达到降低成本的目的;
  • Draw the unfold geometric figure for parts. Write and maintain work instruction.绘制展开图GEO图形,编写和完善作业指导书;
  • Set up  routine  in SAP, setting Standard process and standard working hours ,Construct, maintain and control BOM as well as other technical documentation. SAP录入routine ,制定标准工艺路线和标准工时; 建立,维护和控制BOM以及其他技术文档。
  • Set up the GEO, drawing, work instruction.在TruTOPsFAB 里录入图形、图纸、作业指导书
  • Customer drawings document management.客户图纸文件管理;
  • Trial manufacture of new products tracking, ensure new product can be carried out smoothly, Analysis of the reasons for failed products, determine the improvement measures.新产品试制过程跟踪,确保新产品顺利进行;对未通过的产品分析原因,确定改善措施;
  • Be responsible for dealing with production technical issues, Analysis of the causes of the production process of nonconforming, and put forward the improvement measures.负责处理生产中的技术问题,分析生产过程中产生的不合格原因,并提出改善措施;
  • Complete other tasks assigned from the direct supervisor per business requirement.根据业务需要,完成直属经理安排的其它工作.

Your profile

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in Mechanics本科及以上学历,机械专业
  • Basic knowledge of machining有一定的机械加工基础知识
  • Good communication skills. 良好的沟通能力.
  • Good Microsoft skills良好的办公软件技能
  • Good skills of AutoCAD, SolidWorks熟练运用AutoCAD及SolidWorks
  • Chinese native speaker. 中文(普通话)作为母语.
  • Basic spoken English in daily working environment  基础的口语英语可以成功运用在日常的工作环境下
  • Strong sense of high integrity, reliability, responsibility and customer orientation 正直可靠, 具备高度的责任心和客户导向意识.
  • Ability to handle issue independently, open-minded and with a team spirit.具备独立应对问题的能力, 思维开放,富有团队合作意识.
  • Ability to continuously learn.具备持续学习的能力
  • Observe the regulations of TCN including but not limited on the Employee’s Handbook and Code of Conduct of TRUMPF China.愿意遵守通快中国的所有规章制度包括但不限于员工手册以及行为准则.

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